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Corsun Silver Hun++

I begged for a pony, that is how it started… When my grandfather said we had ridden his pony too much for one day, my brother and I ran down his ram for some additional riding time. My parents finally gave into a pony when I was ten.  It didn’t take long to graduate to my first half Arabian gelding at the age of 11, and then on to my first purebred gelding at the age of 13. My first truly competitive show horse came when I was 15 and my mother bought a *Silver Drift son named Corsun Silver Hun from the retiring Ross Hebb of Corsun Arabians in Kirkland, Washington. He was a green broke, six year old stallion who had the roughest trot. I spent hours every afternoon working to smooth him out.  I was only 16 but woke up every morning barely able to get out of bed. The hours paid off when “Hun” earned his Legion of Merit in just 9 shows. “Hun” was named Canadian Reserve National Champion in Purebred Ladies Sidesaddle behind the syndicated stallion Benraz in 1978.  We were first on one judges card, a thrill for an 18 year old amateur.

For a time, school took us away from the horses and the show ring. When my oldest daughter turned 10, we bought the Arabian gelding Maryks Gold+/. Shortly thereafter, we purchased Mystakhal and Windborne Baskin (our farm's namesake), and the story continues from there. My daughter Lora had the good fortune of winning two national championships at Youth Nationals.  Mystakhal+// won Purebred Western Pleasure JOTR in 2001, followed by Windborne Bravada+// winning Purebred Hunter Pleasure JTR in 2002. We have been blessed with many beautiful, talented and winning horses. Some of these horses we still own. Some have moved on to new owners and homes, while others have moved on to greener pastures. We love them all, we’ve enjoyed the ride, and hope to enjoy many, many more!
Windborne Baskin+/

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